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Manage dine in, room service menu, table ordering, take away & online orders with inventory management, incentive management and analytics.

Zero Touch Menu Card
Zero Touch Menu Card Allows your customers to place orders from their table using their own phone easily! Zero Touch Menu Card is the integrated solution which will support digital transformation in your restaurant business. Zero Touch Menu Card is dose not need mobile app to be installed, directly opened with internet browser.



Process orders faster and more accurately with few clicks. Our Restaurant EPOS System accelerates your order process with customization.

Table Ordering

Manage orders from multiple tables using ZeroTouch Menu Card restaurant management system. Integrate with table ordering, Scan, Order and Pay.

Captain Pad & Waiting List Manager

Create Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for running table orders. Optionally use the Captain Pad to enable your captains to create KOTs from a mobile or tablet. Manage all your customers waiting list through mobile.


  • Save time by maintaining a digital menu

    Digital menu boards are flexible and allow restaurant owners to communicate to their target customers.

  • Reduce perceived wait time

    Restaurant able to show realistic expectations of customer what restaurant’s offers in terms of food and drinks.

  • Easily Change the Menu

    This makes it infinitely easier to manage your food items and prices and update the menu as necessary.

  • Streamline Ordering

    digital menu card showcases beautiful imagery, and this encourages customers to make a quick decision.

  • Speed up the Ordering Process

    Put the QR code on each table and allow the guests to scan and order themselves.

  • Shareable Zero Touch Menu card

    Social Media Sharing QR code of restaurant for menu card.


  • Advanced Search & Filters

    Search by keywords, menu. Filtering and sorting by menu type.

  • Browsing & Listings

    Customize the menus and categories listings by sponsored restaurants. Just one click on menu gives product’s pricing and ingredients information.

  • Easily Change the Menu

    This makes it infinitely easier to manage your food items and prices and update the menu as necessary.

  • Scan & Order

    Zero Touch Menu Card very innovative table ordering web app to allow customers to place order via smartphone.

  • Instant Payments

    Get instant payment from customers, avoiding any spam or unsolicited orders.

  • Real Time Offers

    Zero Touch Menu Card real time offers system allows restaurant to run limited time and limited quantity offer for dine in customers during off peak hours.

  • Digital waiting list

    manage waiting list and make Customers Happy. allows customers to sign up for notifications when the restaurant has tables available again.

  • Take Away Ordering

    Restaurant owners get paid in advance, they save lot of time as they don’t have to take